4 thoughts on “What do I really do?

    1. Good luck with winning the lottery. I think volunteering fills many needs and sometimes it just feels right to get out of “my world” and try to understand the world someone else inhabits.

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      1. Yes I agree! I love to volunteer!! I also foster a kitty at home too for a non-kill cat rescue. I got him in December, and he’s finally not scared of me now. I think that volunteering can give you a sense of fulfillment that you would otherwise miss out on.


  1. Hi Mindfulaide. How nice that you are fostering a kitty. I have cats and dogs and wish I could have more than I do. I support some no kill shelters. Did you know that if you go to Amazonsmile.com you can make designate a charity and Amazon will give the charity a donation from your purchases? I designated a no-kill animal shelter.


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