Inspiring Blogger Award!

Thank you SO MUCH to Susieshy45 for nominating my blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Please visit her blog at: I’ve seen awards on other bloggers sites and never expected to find one on mine. I’ve only been at this for about a month,  and I’m so happy to be blogging and meeting so many other bloggers. My world becomes more expansive as I read what others have to say. When accepting the award the rules state that you thank the blogger who nominated you, share seven facts about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers.

Seven facts about myself include:

1.  I enjoy reading and have a predisposition to non-fiction that reads like fiction.  I am also deeply interested in spiritual writers. My favorite book is probably The Little Prince.

2. I’ve worked in health/human service professions most of my life, but I love fashion and Project Runway because it is fun to see what the designers create! (Make it work!)

3. I’m inclined toward adopting rescued animals and foundling animals. We have cats and dogs. (My husband is a saint to have put up with this character trait of mine)

4. I have four children.

5. I love listening going to and CDBaby to listen to all sorts of music.

6. Although I will probably never walk the actual Appalachian Trail, My walking goal this year is to walk the equivalent number of miles which is 2,168.1.

7. In these sorts of lists I am tempted to borrow a line my friend Alan used to say he wanted to put in college applications. “I was born at the age of three.” I think a sense of humor is really important and I try to be the first person to laugh at my own foibles.

The fourth and most important rule is to nominate 15 other amazing blogs on their blog to let them know you nominated them, Here are my nominees.

1. Only 100 Words  I really enjoy this blog.  The stories are always different, fun, surprising and they make me think.

2.Did you make that? I used to sew alot and have recently gotten back to it.  Lots of ideas and help on this blog.

3. The Whispering Pen.  Nicole writes beautifully and has a thoughtful question at the end of her blog.

4. Sharon’s blog.Beautiful words and pictures. Sharon really puts her heart and soul into this blog.

5. Attenti Al Lupo  An interesting point of you and wonderful pictures.  Takes me out of my own life and into the lives of others I might not know.

6. The Little Novice. I really enjoy the look and feel of this blog.  It cheers me up and cheers me on.

7. Beautiful Objects. It is like window shopping. Lots of ideas and some how-tos. Stylish and fun.

8. Miss Understood. “Confused, Unsure, Unclear, Perplexed.” Visit her pages and see what she says.

9. Runner with a blog. Like her Saturday tips and tricks among other things.

10. My Very Own Blog.    Music for driving? Hospital food v. pub food? Writing about any number of things, something interesting for anyone.

11. Sixty, Single and Surviving.  I appreciate reading her response to daily writing prompts.

12. DIY and Home Beautiful, practical and unique ideas for decorating.  Inspiring

13 DIY Crafts. From Jewelry to recipes something for everyone who loves to create.

14. Eat This Poem.  Lovely pictures, enticing recipes and words to devour.

15. The Millennial Pastor. For those interested in Christianity, this blog has lots to offer/ think about.

Thanks to those who read,  subscribe, lurk, browse and blog. Thanks also to Michelle and Jeremey from Blogging 101 who helped me create links when they would not work!

Gratefully Inspired,


8 thoughts on “Inspiring Blogger Award!

  1. Very cool -good for you. I love the Little Prince too and can never get enough of music …just fyi -the websites you list in 2-11 aren’t actually setup as links -be helpful to add the links if you have a moment. Great job- I like your blog a lot!


      1. They are all showing up as links for me… Looks like your good. Maybe refresh your browser so it changes for you too. Usually on a PC hold ctrl key and press refresh…


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