Book lovers wanted

This year I want to set a goal to read more and be distracted by other things less. In order to do this I’ve collected some of the books that have been mocking me and decided to read them, one a month.  I’m wondering if any of my readers would care to join me in reading one, some or all of these books. I’ve not ordered them yet and am open to a suggestion as to the order of them.

There is no scientific plan regarding selection here. I’m already in a book group with family. This has helped me realize the value of discussing a book I’ve read with others, as well as to know that I am being accountable to folks by actually following through on reading. I’ve chosen these books based on 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon, (almost all of them had over 50% four and five star reviews.) Additionally, the majority of them can be purchased for under $5.00. If one has access to a library then the cost would be less.

I’d love to have companions on this journey. Please join me in my book/ blog adventure. I’m going to devote a day or two per month to comments/ and my own reflections if other are interested in participating.


6 thoughts on “Book lovers wanted

  1. to read more and be distracted by other things less seems an admirable goal and I share those sentiments. here’s hoping other things are kept at bay. I am not familiar with any of those books in your book pile but I’m sure some of them will find their way onto my pile so maybe our paths may merge at some point. Good luck with your goal and a Happy New Year to you.

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    1. Thanks , Radical Rambler! I hope the coming year is kind to you. If some of the books make it to your own list, I’d love to hear what you think. Do you have a favorite book or two you recommend?

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      1. Thank you, I will start on my reading list today and explore online the ones on your list. The most significant book I read this year was “The Shepherd’s Life” by James Rebanks. I visit the lake District regularly and the distincitive herdwick sheep are a constant feature roaming free on the fells and thy feature on postcards, pictures and guidebooks, but th guidebooks are silent about the farming life behind these iconic creatures. James Rebanks is a sheep farmer with roots in the land that go back generations. He writes eloquently about that life and also about wider ecological and environmental issues. Would recommend this to everyone. I’ll let you know how I get on with my booklist. Best wishes for 2016. Roy


        1. Hi Again,
          Thanks for sharing the book “The Shepherd’s Life.” It sounds like a wonderful read and I am going to see if I can get a copy. I tend towards non-fiction a bit more than fiction, but would probably read the list of ingredients on a soup can if I could find noting else. I look forward to hearing more about your list. Best to you in this new year.

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    1. Hi Imachayes,
      Thanks for sharing these titles. I’ll check out your reviews. It’s great to find other suggestions and learn of books I might add to my ever-growing list. Best to you in 201 6.

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