Haiku Horizons Real

Cannot waste my life

dreaming who I wish to be

we only live once

Real or not I am me

Realized or not- live now



2-Awakening away from home

For Part 1 https://revrevolving.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/726/

Coffee maker spurts,

Ahhh! Familiarity

Thanking coffee gods

Awakening, away from home Part 1

A note to my readers, This is what I’m calling serial Haiku. Recently, I strayed from the comforts of home for a work related conference. Homebody by nature, I don’t stay in hotels often. The view from my room offered me a lovely experience which I’m sharing with you through a week long series of Haiku. Thanks for reading.


Opening  curtains

Hotel room on the eighth floor

Can’t sleep, far from home