Three Things Thursday March 26

Grateful for the support of colleagues

Finding meaning in a challenge, (even though, if I am honest I’d rather things were easier)

Happy to have a moment to rest before the business and busyness of life presses on.

(Good night!)Winter

Blog Roll

Today in Blogging 101 the assignment is to create a Blogroll. To the right of my posts there is already a list of blogs I follow. So, I thought I’d highlight a couple of them here.

Sharon’s blog caught my eye because of her quote form Paulo Coelho at the top. However she has lovely pictures on her blog, I love her categories, especially “Vintage and Ephemera.” It is kind of like a moment for contemplation and escape for me.

Only 100 words is an interesting concept and the stories offer me things to think about. Often a little surprise at the end, something to think about and a moment to read a story at only 100 words. What a nice gift to me when I need a break.I feel like I’ve accomplished something! Besides that I like the blog, although I haven’t met the person behind it, she offered suggestions to me that I appreciated when I first started blogging. It is sometimes a risk to reach out to others, and I’m grateful when someone does that for me.

Miss Understood writes Haiku. (Need I say more?!) Have to support other Haiku bloggers. Love the pictures that are matched to the Haiku.  Nice blog to visit.

SO- I like the idea of sharing what I’m reading so I may keep doing this from time to time. Hope the links work and hope you enjoy visiting these blogs.

Meet more Neighbors

Our assignment in blogging 101 is to read blogs and post comments on four of them. This seems like traveling to me. I got to travel to far away places, read of adventures that others are taking, see pictures that are inspiring and read what others like to read and why.  What a rich experience. It is heartening and inspiring to see what other bloggers are doing and what interests others. It is inspiring/moving to read and to feel a connection to others I don’t know. I’ve enjoyed searching out blogs and finding things that spark my interest, give me something to think about and consider what I might want to write about next.  Thank you to all the bloggers who I’ve read today.  I could share many more but I’ve winnowed the bunch down a bit, not quite four but…

Some of them include:


Friends and Neighbors

In our blogging 101 class the assignment was to  meet/visit our neighbors. Well, my neighbors are deer and I do try to visit with them regularly, but they are not the wordy type, at least I don’t speak deer. I’ve faced the fact that they love me for the apples that tumble from our apple trees and the tiny valley at the back of our yard where they sleep. They are beautiful, quiet, and sometimes they sleep near the trees very close to our back porch so I get to see them up close and personal.  It is winter in my part of the country so the most visiting I do with human neighbors presently is to say a hurried hello when we are shoveling/plowing snow.

Visiting five blogs was a wonderful adventure. I started with the Reader and chose topics of interest to me. Culture, fitness and health crafts and fashion, religion, and books for starters. Does anyone know of a twelve step group from book addicts? Love books and always have a stack to read. Just like having  many books I also now have many more blog neighbors to meet. Actually more than five here because I’m interested in sewing again after a long hiatus.  So here are some of the neighbors I found today. Cheers!

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