Three Things Thursday, April 9 (Letter G) Edition

I missed last week so I am getting back to T3 or three things Thursday

I’m glad/grateful/good with:

A really lovely holiday weekend just past.  Good time spent with family, Great meals (and leftovers this week), and gorgeous music at church.

A meaningful exchange with a client in which I heard griefgrowth (yes you can hear it), gratitude.

A unexpected day off that allowed me to work at home.  The weather was gloomy, grey and ghostly.

This was generally a gleeful exercise.


Three Things Thursday March 26

Grateful for the support of colleagues

Finding meaning in a challenge, (even though, if I am honest I’d rather things were easier)

Happy to have a moment to rest before the business and busyness of life presses on.

(Good night!)Winter

Three Things Thursday, March 19

This past week, it was a joyful thing to see one of the students I have been working with complete her journey.  We have been friends, I have been her mentor, and she is now “officially” my colleague.

I facilitate a peer learning group and several of my colleagues expressed thanks for a resource I  adapted, created and shared with them.  Being appreciated is a nice thing.

A book I’ve been waiting for from the library became available. I can imagine that for some people these things may seem like the compilation of a boring, seemingly uneventful life, but they bring me joy. I love to read and I like to help. 092

Three Things Thursday March 12 Edition

This is the third week I’ve participated in Three Things Thursday, thanks to

I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this each week. It makes me think about the highlights of my week and the things I am grateful for. So this week I’m grateful for warmer weather. Spring is making an appearance and the weather has been much kinder than the past three months. So happy to not be wearing my winter coat and so amazed at how warm 55 degrees feels in March compared to how it feels in October.

I’m grateful for coming home earlier in the week to find the new Erik Larsen book Dead Wake waiting in my mailbox.

It was a gift, from my dear husband!  Several things to be grateful/thankful for. I’m grateful that there was a present in the mail. This is something that doesn’t happen every day.

I’m grateful also to those of you who read my blog, who like a post, who pass my blog along to others by reblogging, sharing, or adding me to your blogroll.  Thanks for stopping by.

Three Things Thursday March 5, 2015

Last week as an assignment from the Blogging 101 class I just finished, we were supposed to try an event.  I had a good time trying Three Things Thursday and thought I would try again. Thanks Nerd on the Brain!

SO – My three things are as follows.

1. One of my dogs has had some problems, but the tests that were run this117 week were better than we anticipated. She has a number of health issues. She nearly died from pancreatitis. She had an adverse reaction to a rabies vaccine. She is nearly blind and her front feet turn out. This makes walking difficult for her, but she can find her way out of any harness I put on her.

2. I learn from her every day. She is very good-natured and accepts her life with such happiness and joy. She wakes up happy, and wags her tail, unless she feels sick. She likes her water therapy walks. To me, she is the embodiment of Three Things Thursday. She lives her life as though she is happy to be here, grateful for what she receives and happy to love and be loved.

3. She makes me appreciate my life and reminds/teaches me how to live.

3. IMG_0552

Three Things Thursday

In Blogging 101 we were invited to find a community event and participate.

I chose three things Thursday from Nerd on the Brain’s blog

In no particular order, in the past week three things that have made me happy, grateful, or inspired include:

A day to work at home. Hey, even if it is working, I actually do enjoy my work, but it is often not the kind of work I can do curled up on the couch with my dogs and cats. How great to work at home!

My Pictures 004

Meringues from Trader Joe’s! They have saved my calorie count this week.

Hearing from a friend and knowing that we will be getting together soon. NO picture, please imagine getting together with your own friends…